We are pleased to announce that we have reached the end of the photo contest “Romanian Heritage: where the past meets the future”.

It was a great pleasure to see that we have creative people in our organization who entertained us with the photos they sent and who spoke for them. 11 TON members have sent proposal photos for the 2017’s TON Annual Report Cover. 19 photos entered the judging round, a difficult task for the 5 jury members: Jozef Goebels, TON Foundation President; Cristina Chert, TON Foundation Executive Director; Maria Prutieanu, Member of Administrative Board TON Foundation; Alina Scanteie, Office Manager TON Foundation and Anamaria Popa, Graphic & Web Designer TON Foundation.

The list of TON participants in the competition, in the order of entries:

  1. Mihaela Dobre, OLF – Club Oratia – Podu Dambovitei, Arges (Photo 1 and Photo 2)
  2. Paul Helsen, VZW Geels Roemeniëkomitee (Photo 1 and Photo 2)
  3. Ria Embrechts, VZW Geels Roemeniëkomitee (Photo 1 and Photo 2)
  4. Jef Vanhoof, ADR-Vlaanderen (Photo 1)
  5. Doina Gheorghita Enache, OLF Poienita (Photo 1 and Photo 2)
  6. Leni Bing, Asociatia “Viscri incepe” (Photo 1 and Photo 2)
  7. Stephanie Werkmeister, Grupul Local de Tineret Ciumarna (Photo 1)
  8. Ilinca-Maria Balabasciuc, Grupul Local de Tineret Ciumarna (Photo 1)
  9. Adriana Polosan, OLF Galateea Oratia (Photo 1 and Photo 2)
  10. Gheorghe Lucian Goras, GLT Golden Star Moldovita (Photo 1 and Photo 2)
  11. Andreea Zincuta Morosan, GLT Golden Star Moldovita (Photo 1 and Photo 2)

From our point of view, you are all winners but eventually, we had to decide and we have decided that the winning photo, which will have a place of honor on the cover of TON’s Annual Report, is the one sent by RIA EMBRECHTS, a member of VZW Geels Roemeniëkomitee, Belgium.

Thanks to everyone for outstanding images, for involvement in the activities of The Open Network for Community Development and hope to see us as soon as possible! We wish you a lot of success in your activities and do not forget to Be Connected to The Open Network.

©Ria Embrechts, VZW Geels Roemeniëkomitee, Belgium

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