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In March 2016, the Foundation ‘The Open Network for Community Development’ (TON), in partnership with the Association of Mutual Support Slatina-Timis (ADAMSlatina-Timis) started the implementation of the project “Active Rural Communities in providing and monitoring home care services – Increasing the access to medico-social services for elderly in 5 rural communities”. The project of an overall value of CHF 82,300.00 will be implemented during a period of 20 months and is co-financed by a grant of the Swiss Contribution to the enlarged European Union.

Romania is among the last positions in Europe versus the long-term care services provided the third age people. Following needs assessment in Romanian rural communities, TON developed in 2014 a Health Masterplan of social and medical services which aims to develop the necessary services for the rural population. Home care service represents a priority in this Masterplan.

Partners in the project, TON Foundation and ADAM, wish to contribute to reducing the disparities between urban and rural centers in Romania, promoting in this project the increase of access to services for elderly home care.

The project will be active at the national level, in 5 rural communities of 5 regions of Romania: North-East (Moldovita, Suceava County), West (Armenis, Caras-Severin County), North-West (Batar, Bihor County) South-East (Dumitresti, Vrancea County), Center (Bunesti, Brașov County).

The project aims to meet the needs of communities aiming to catalyze the creation of new structures – formal and informal – in 5 rural communities in 5 regions of Romania, to support these new structures to increase their ability to provide home care, to increase the institutional capacity of TON – applicant NGO – to influence public policies so that they can respond more adequately the needs of the elderly in rural areas.

The work methodology consists of creating in each locality structures at first informal – Local Social Committees and then formal – local NGOs providers of home care services with the role to increase transparency in cases identification, of providing effective home care services, participatory monitoring of the services provided and companionship these new structures in bureaucratic steps needed to create the organization, accreditation services, file folders by financing institutions to ensure financial sustainability.

Throughout the project, TON will conduct networking activities and advocacy with local governments, county and national associative structures of local administration, NGOs with similar objectives, following, at the conference at the end of the project, to be able to discuss which were strong points and weaknesses of this approach in creating proactive services to the rural communities in Romania, to promote public policy proposals that would lead to sustainable demand for home care services in rural areas.

General objective of the project is to increase access to people from rural to equitable home care services.

Specific objectives of the project:

  1. Increasing the role of civil society in the implementation and monitoring of home care services in 5 rural communities in 5 regions of Romania in the next 2 years.
  2. Increased capacity for the supply of home care services in 5 rural communities over the next 2 years.
  3. Increased capacity of TON Foundation to promote public policies that respond to community needs over the next 2 years.

The target groups of the project are:
• Informal Leaders from 5 rural communities;
• Community professionals – nurses, family doctors, teachers, volunteers who want to be involved in providing home care services team;
• Beneficiaries: an average of 100 dependent persons per community (500 in total);
• Indirect beneficiaries: – populations of the 5 communities.

Of the activities that will be developed in the project we mention here:
– Creation of informal structures at Community level (Local Social Committees);
– Creating formal structures – NGO service providers of home care with legal personality (at the 5 communities);
– Coaching for formal and informal leaders;
– Provide a training program for 5 days for 5 representatives of each team suppliers.


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